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Designed and Built to Last in all Weathers

A statement quite easy to make but is it often implemented?

At InnovAntennas our reputation has been built upon mindset statements such as 'Highest Quality' and 'No Compromise'. It is for this reason we continually seek to better performance parameters set by lead developer Justin Johnson G0KSC and unparalleled elsewhere.

It does not matter how small the requirement or need you may have, we will engage with you in order to understand your requirement fully, prior to implementing any design strategy. Should your requirement consist of a single co-phased vertical or a multi-stack Yagi array, we will be happy to invest the time needed to ensure  we can correctly provide a solution specific to your requirements, not one which suits our current product range.

Our know-how and many years of combined creativity, knowledge and experience will ensure the best possible solution will result. Not just at the electromagnetic design stage but through to and including the optimisation of the mechanical structure and if needed, implementation too.HFSS2

3D Simulation with all aspects and components of the antenna included within the design

InnovAntennas use the very latest in electromagnetic simulation and optimisation (Ansys HFSS ) techniques some of which have been developed for our particular requirements and therefore are not available to any other company. The above, combined with our use of the finest and highest quality materials, ensure unmatched electromagnetic/mechanical construction results and will provide many years of trouble-free service.

We understand that often you as an individual are buying on-behalf of the company you work for and if  we as the supplier do not fulfill our commitments or quality falls short, it is your job on the line. Previous work and references can be supplied along with the personal assurances of senior management that we will ensure we deliver what you expect and will ensure your personal position is protected at all costs.

Some InnovAntennas Key benefits are listed below:


  • Ansys HFSS simulation and design - the World's leading product in this field
  • Leading Designs
    • We produce some of the leading antenna designs available today and continually set new standards in performance
  • Best-of-Breed Optimisation Techiques
    • InnovAntennas computer optimise all their designs using the very latest Particle Swarm Optimisation Techniques - Ansys HFSS
  • Bespoke Development & Design
    • You will not find a bunch of pre-defined commercial range antennas with us, we hone and design antennas specific to your needs
  • The very latest in electromagnetic Simulation Solutions
    • We don't just use the very latest in electromagnetic design solutions, we help develop it! Rest assure only the best is in use at InnovAntennas
  • Highest Quality Machine Manufacturing
    • The best in CNC equipment is in use at InnovAntennas to ensure the highest levels of build quality
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
    • To complete incredible antennas with incredible build quality only the finest materials are used. including marine grade Stainless Steel
  • Industry Renowned Performance standards
    • Others compare their antennas performance to ours to ensure they are in 'the ball park'. Why buy from 'also-rans' when you can buy from a clear winner!


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All InnovAntennas Yagis are designed with the very latest PSO (Particle Swarm Optimisation) computer optimisation techniques. It is for this reason our VHF/UHF antennas are among the lowest noise Yagis ever produced!

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