An introduction to the LFA-Q

The LFA-Q (Loop Fed Array Quad) Low-Noise Yagi takes a lot of the good points from the LFA Yagi and adds some more. the LFA-Q is a quad with a difference. Rather than placing symmetrical square or triangular shaped loops in a Yagi configuration, the LFA-Q uses the LFA Yagi style loops to produce high levels of side suppression, the difference being every element is a loop rather than just the driven element.

The shape of the loops have been formed (compressed) until the short side sections are exactly 180 degrees out of phase with one another and therefore, a cancellation effect occurs in much the same way as balanced line feeder works. This means high levels of suppression to both the sides and the rear of the antenna can be achieved.

So if the LFA Yagi does this so well, why do something different with loops forming all elements? The primary reason is gain per metre/foot of boom on a full wave element antenna can be much greater than on a half wave element antenna such as the LFA. This results in compact, high gain antennas which are constructed to stand some serious weather conditions!

For the ultimate in wide-band, direct feed (50 Ohm) performance, the LFA-Q is your choice!

Below are a list of Key Benefits the LFA-Q Yagi provides:

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  • Full-Wave Closed Loop Feed System
    • The closed loop system helps reduce the reception of man-made noise and static
  • 50Ω Direct Feed - No Matching Loss
    • The LFA Yagi has been carefully Optimised in order to ensure a 50Ω feed-point. This ensures no matching loss and minimal resistive (Ohmic) loss
  • High F/B ratio
    • Another attribute of the LFA Yagi is the exceptional Front to Back ratio it has for a direct-feed, 50Ω Yagi. Get rid of unwanted signals from behind your antenna!
  • Super Wide Bandwidth
    • Another unique characteristic of the LFA Yagi is the excellent bandwidth the antenna possesses. This ensures very large portions of a given band can be used with little return loss
  • Constant Impedance & 'All-Weather' Stability
    • A very rare feature is the ability for an antenna to provide the level of performance of the LFA and be stable in all weathers. This is provided by the LFAs constant impedance
  • Wide-band Performance Maintenance & Stability
    • Unique to the LFA is Wide-band Performance Maintenance. Many antennas have their best F/B at one end of the band and best gain figure at the other end. The LFA extends its performance across a very wide pass-band
  • Class-Leading Sky Temperature and G/T figures
    • For Earth-Moon-Earth and other weak signal modes, no other antenna comes close to the LFA. Search for the VE7BQH G/T Table and compare the LFA with everything else. Nothing comes close
  • Highly Suppressed 'Rear Bubble' for All-Round noise reduction
    • With any side lobes being highly suppressed in all areas other than that of the direction in which the antenna is facing, your receiver only 'hears' what you want it to
  • The Most Important Part of your Receiver has to be The Best
    • Your antenna is a part of your receiver and arguably the most important part of your station. You have spent thousands on radio equipment, make sure you don't short-change your set-up by choosing anything else other than the InnovAntennas LFA Yagi
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