An introduction to the DESpole

The DESpole is so named after the OP-DES Yagi driven element which it adopts in a down facing direction on at least one band.

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So what makes the DESpole what it is and why is it different? There are many reasons that the DESpole will provide excellent service, performance and long life. Some of these are mechanical but we will start first with the performance related benefits.

The DESpole as with all our antennas are extremely well made with attention being focused on ultra-high quality materials and build. All of our products go through a lengthy electromagnetic design process before a computer optimisation of the mechanical structure is carried out. This ensures that our antennas will last and not blow down at the first sign of bad weather.

The DESpole packs a HUGE Punch!

When comparing the DESpole to other rotating dipoles, you have no losses in traps and coils to worry about. over 98.5% of your input power is radiated. However, this is not where the gains stop! Below in a polar plot of a DESpole installed at 10m (33') above ground when compared to a full size 1/4wl vertical which is placed at 1m above ground that has 16 radials all of which are 1m above ground. The red plots line indicate the radiation pattern of a DESpole on 20m while the blue lines indicate the 1/4wl vertical pattern. Punch out a HUGE signal without an amplifier with the DESpole!!


  • No Matching Loss
    • The DES-dipole requires no matching on any of the bands it is designed for. No matching device is ever 100% efficient and this means precious power is radiated as heat instead of RF. Not with the DES-dipole!
  • No Power Limits?
    • Not quite but in most cases, you can throw what power you have at the DES-dipole without issue. With no matching devices being installed, there is nothing to sap power from the antenna (which will generate heat) so even with 5kw you are good to go!
  • Single Feed Point
    • There is just one coax connection on the DES-Dipole regardless of it being a 2 or 3 band version (the DES-dipole has one element for each band it operates on) so there are no doubling or tripling up on coax cable! 
  • No ATU Required
    • The DES-dipole has been designed in order that each element performs a task of 'tuning' on any given band and therefore, no expensive, high power ATU's needed at all!
  • Open-sleeve technology
    • The DES-dipole employs open-sleeve technology. This means tuned elements close enough to one another is all that is needed for the antenna elements to work on the respective correct bands. 
  • No 'lossy' traps or coils!
    • There are no 'lossy' traps or coils within any of the elements on the DES-dipole which ensures class-leading radiating efficiency (over 98.5%)
  • 'Reduced' full-sized elements for a smaller turning circle!
    • Employing the OP-DES Dipole bent elements means although all of the elements are full size (for any given band) the turning circle is greatly reduced meaning you can operate on a higher band than you expected!

In the photo opposite, a DESpole can be seen readied for installation. The significant boom to mast and element holder brackets are clear to see along with the heavy duty insulators. As always, all components are marine grade stainless steel, including our hose clamps.

This example pictured provides service on 20/15/10m. The 20m (fed) element is 1.25'' (32mm) diameter and has a 3.2mm (1/8th inch) wall thickness within the first few sections. Rest assured, this antenna is not going anywhere!

If you would like more information on the DESpole or would like a band confirmation you cannot find on our on line shop (which can be found here) let us know and we will see what we can do to help.




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All InnovAntennas Yagis are designed with the very latest PSO (Particle Swarm Optimisation) computer optimisation techniques. It is for this reason our VHF/UHF antennas are among the lowest noise Yagis ever produced!

If I say a 15m is phenomenal, that would simply be an understatement. I've worked a tone of NA,they where calling and calling ... :-) The pile up was really huge.Sam, 9A3OS

...The LFA worked a treat and I followed your advice from the web site which worked perfectly..Andy, M0CTR

The drop in noise when the antenna is pointed away from a noise source or elevated is incredible, thanks for a great design!Ray, WA4NJP

... so I moved the antenna out to the eastern paddock today, still only at 6 meters high but SWR still flat from 27.9 to 29.1'Bob, ZL1RS

Had the 6el LFA measured and swr is perfect, the reflection co-efficient measured here an incredible 39 dB.Never found such figures on a antenna in real life. - '73's de Paul PA3GND

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