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International & Domestic Postage with InnovAntennas


InnovAntennas do not just want you to receive your antenna in the best possible condition, we go the extra mile to ensure your antenna is not just the best antenna performance-wise but mechanically too. The last thing anyone wants is to receive an antenna, big or small that has its elements and boom cut into 3' (1m) lengths. This would result in additional weakness, additional weight and a much more complex build once removed from the packaging. Can you imagine the joins in a 33' (10m) boom?

For outside of Europe or Highland and Islands UK Email/call for best rates !!

First of all we had to research potential partners with global logistics networks and establish just how long a package they could handle. Once a figure was established, we then needed to mechanically design our antennas (using the advanced computer software at our disposal) to be sectioned into such lengths while at the same time providing extremely high wind resistance capabilities and keeping the finished product as light as possible.

So what was the resulting magic length? 2.5m or just over 8'. This is a much better length to work with than with those worked with by other companies. Many smaller antennas can have a boom which is very light through having no joins (or just one join) and most VHF band antennas need not have elements with any joins or tapers at all. In addition, consideration for the welfare of the antenna while in transit also needs to be considered. With aluminium tubes of this length being shipped globally, damage is much more likely to occur right?


Super-Strong Cardboard Tubes for Packing

InnovAntennas ship all antennas within super-strong, reinforced cardboard packing tubes. These are more costly to purchase than traditional packing boxes but are much stronger offering a far greater level of protection than traditional square cartons, especially with aluminium tube lengths as long as ours.

Our largest packing tubes are 6'' (15.2cms) in diameter so it is not often a single shipment needs to be spread across more than one packing tube.

Our post and packing charges may be just a little higher than other companies for similar sized antennas. However, we would like you to consider why this is so and the work we have applied to our overall design strategy in order to provide you with a better mechanically designed antenna which in the long run will prove much more rigid, stable and able to sustain continuous battering from the elements than other comparable sized antennas.

Is this small difference in shipping cost worth the extra? You decide but perhaps not now, make your decision in 10 years time ......


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