International Sales

International Sales

InnovAntennas can Ship Globally and have some excellent shipping rates through our logistics partners.  We also have representation in certain parts of the world too and a great list of products upon this website for you to buy direct. However, the pricing quoted for shipping to your location, may not be the best price on the day you order. additionally, when ordering from certain countries, you do not need to pay UK sales tax and this in itself will give you a 20% reduction in the sale price.

If you are seriously considering buying from InnovAntennas call or Email us to discuss your requirements before you order. It just might be the case that the deal you see will just get better.

If we can help you to avoid tax you do not need to pay, we will. If we can help you choose the best antenna we can for your needs and location, we will do that too. We will also pay for the phone call no matter where you are in the world. Just call or Email us and we will call you right back.

Call us today, we are looking forward to hearing from you!!


Make your next antenna decision a wise one !!

If it is quality and performance you seek then look no further. InnovAntennas provide unparalleled performance from design to build.

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