4 element 83-114MHz High Performance Log Periodic

Manufacturer InnovAntennas

A Broadband DX 50/75 Ohm Log Periodic Array - 83MHz to 114MHz - 4el
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A Super Wide Band, High Performance Broadcast (83-114MHz) 4 element Log Periodic Dipole Array


The FMDX4+ on test

Most broadcast band antennas on the market today are very old designs. In fact many were developed using the 'cut and try' methods of optimisation where real world adjustments are made to an antenna and then manual testing conducted. This is not the best way to get the most from any Yagi/LPDA, especially very wide band examples that need to provide constant levels of performance over a wide range of frequencies. The best method of achieving results is to use the very latest computer optimisation methods available today. Enter the InnovAntennas broadcast band  High Performance Log Periodic! With the InnovAntennas HP-LPDA for broadcast applications, even weak (DX) stations can be received with ease, no matter where, within the 20MHz spread (that this antenna has), they fall. Take a look at the rolling performance plots below and see how constant the produced gain of the OP-DES can be.


The FMDX range of High Performance Log Periodic Dipole Arrays by InnovAntennas and why they will suit your needs

The FMDX-4+ is one of 3 brand new Log periodic designs by InnovAntennas. These arrays have been designed to be strong, light weight and most important of all, to give unparalleled performance from a low-profile package for FM band DX'ing. Many DX antennas provide good gain and F/B that is OK but usually there is a compromise. If the antenna is 2 dimensional (uses one reflector for example rather than multiple reflectors) the antenna can provide broadband performance but F/B will suffer. Some antennas provide good F/B but at the cost of high visual impact through large reflector arrays. The FMDX range provide all the benefits of the concentrated element array with multiple reflectors in a single-plane, low-profile and light weight package.

In addition to the superior electromagnetic design, as with all antennas by InnovAntennas, build is of the highest quality with marine grade stainless steel being used throughout. For the very best in performance and build quality you only need to remember one name, InnovAntennas!

Some of the Mechanical design benefits include:

  1. Marine grade Stainless Steel Fittings*
  2. Aerospace grade aluminium
  3. Mill finished for highest levels of accuracy
  4. Fully hand-made and precision measured

If you are looking for the best of the best from both a performance and mechanical construction perspective then look no further, you have come to the right place!

Customer Comment:

'It performs like nothing I've ever seen. In the USA, we have some 3000 watt TV stations that broadcast FM audio on 87.75. There are 3 of them within 375 miles of me and with this antenna, I have heard them all! The gain and directivity far exceed the APS-13 that I took down. Somehow the word "amazing" doesn't do this justice.'


Typical Gain: 7dBi

Typical F/B: 20dB+

Gain at 10m (33') above ground: 12.67dBi

Power Rating: 1.5kw

Feed Impedance: 75 Ohm or 50Ohm

Boom Length: 1.3m - 4'5''

Weight: 1.2Kg / 3LB

Turning Radius: 1.903m / 6.24ft

Wind Loading: 0.02 Square Metres / 0.56 Square feet

Wind Survival: 150PH / 90MPH

If you wish to stack several antennas, contact us for more information



This antenna has all elements made from  1/2 inch aluminium thick wall tube. The parasitic elements are also 1/2 inch. All elements are electrically connected to the boom held in place by marine grade stainless steel components.

The boom is 3/4'' inch square (19.05mm) which is in 3 sections. two sections of boom form the feedline and antenna element support, the third section provides a boom support truss.

If you want an antenna to last and perform in all weathers without SWR or bandwidth shifting, this is it.

All Stainless Steel hardware used for connecting elements to boom.



88-108MHz performance plot over-lays showing the impressively consistant performance of the FMDX4+


 FMDX 4 out band

Plot overlay showing out of band coverage (83-87MHz, 109-114MHz) with equally impressive results


Manufactured the right way, not the cheapest way!

* Where possible marine grade stainless steel components are used.

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