3el Grave Radar LFA Yagi 143MHz

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3el rear mounted LFA Yagi for Graves radar reception.
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A 3el rear mounted LFA Yagi for Graves radar reception - Limited time offer FREE Balun supplied with this antenna worth £29.95!

Often enthusiasts point Yagi antennas towards the Grave Radar in France to receive meteor reflections of the radar signal. A short Yagi with a wide beamwidth in the elevation plane is ideal for this purpose and hence, the 3el LFA by InnovAntennas optimised for 143.050MHz is an excellent choice.

This Yagi is not a re-tuned 2m Ham band Yagi, it is specifically optimised for the reception of Graves Radar transition.

3el Graves web

A 3el Graves LFA Yagi ready for connection to a receiver.

Performance single antenna:

Gain:                         8.44dBi - free space

F/B:                           21.26dB

-3dB E-plane:           61.4 degrees

-3dB H-plane:           95.4 degrees

Impedance:              50Ohm balanced

SWR:                       143.048MHz +  - 500KHz better than 1.2:1

Stacking Distances

2 antennas: 1.3m vertically


The 3el Graves LFA Yagi is made with a 3/4" square boom which has a rear mounting to suit up to a 2" round mast. parasitic elements are 1/4" solid rod and arre fully insulated from the boom. the drive loop is 1/2" with 3/8" loop end sections and the loop opposite the feed point is grounded which will help prevent unwanted out-of-band signals and also, help protect the receiver from static too.

graves az

Azimuth plot of a single 3el Graves LFA Yagi in free space

graves el

Elevation plot of a single 3el Graves LFA Yagi. Note the 95.5 degrees beamwidth

important for metoer reflection reception


graves el 25 up

The above shows ground (reflection) gain when the 3el Graves LFA

is placed 25' above average conductive ground

3el Graves web SWR

Analyser plot of the 3el Graves LFA at installation - 1.01:1 @ 143.060MHz. The plot also shows

a sweep 1MHz either side of this frequency

3el Graves web2

The 3el Graves LFA fitted with a ferrite core balun and low-loss feedline. The Balun helps prevent

unwanted signals picked up on the outer sleeve of the feed line from entering the receiver chain.

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