XR5C - 9 element 'Compact' 20m -10m Yagi

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XR5C - an 9 element 5 band HF Yagi (20/17/15/12/10) with 3.3m boom
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Review by QST magazine on our US version can be found HERE

The XR5C MkII - A 9 element multi-Band HF 5 Band Super-compact Yagi covering 20m/17m/15m/12m/10m bands with a single feed point

The XR5C has been reduced by more than 30% in length while giving the same performance, 5 HF bands consisting of 20/17/15/12/10 as previous versions. The XR5C comes with a capacity loaded 20m elements so is only 8.8m wide has reduced turning radius too!  The XR5C is set to become a market-leader very quickly, why not get ahead of the pack with this one and place your order early!

NEW for 2019! The XR5C MkII - The InnovAntennas XR5C - An 9 element multi-band HF Super-compact Yagi covering 20m/17m/15m/12m/10m bands with a single feed point.

Capacity Loading high efficiency loading

The XR5C uses capacity hats to reduce the width of the 20m elements which is the most efficient method of loading Additionally, width has not been reduced more than 23% of the original radiator length, after this point radiating efficiency drops drastically. The XR5C radiates more of your power!

Unique in the Market

The XR5C has the 5 HF bands of 20/17/15/12/10 to match today's HF rigs and give excellent performance on all bands. with a boom of just 3.5m and weighing under 30 Kilos, this antenna has created its own place in the 'full size' HF Beam market.

Unlimited Power Handling

The XR5C has no matching devices, no traps, no coils, no hairpins so nothing to lose valueable power and thus, nothing to over-heat through these inefficient devices. This means the only power limitation you have is how much power your coax cable can handle.

 The Ideal partner for SDR Radios

The XR5C is an ideal partner for today's top SDR radios. There is no limitation in how many bands you can monitor or use at once. This means with products such as the Flex 6700, all 5 bands can be monitored at the same time WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

Improved Performance

The XR5C MKII has been in development for the last 12 months improving bandwidth and gain to ensure more of each band than ever before can be used without the requirement of an ATU. 

Multi-band, Performance-Busting Design

The more bands there are added to a multi-band Yagi, the more interlaced elements there are and in turn, performance per band drops with each no band added. The Unique design of the XR5C MkII means no more than 3 band are interlaced on any part of the boom.

Increased Rigidity

We have modified the construction of the XR5C to provide a more rigid look with faster taper to ensure fatigue due to vortex shedding (constant wind flow causing vibration) are not an issue. 20m element start at 35mm diameter and boom is 50mm diameter.

Excellent All-Weather handling and reliability 

With no moving parts and being modelled for wide bandwidth per band, the XR5C MkII is very forgiving in all weathers allowing you to enjoy your hobby whatever the location or time of year.

Maintainance Free

Icom North America and Kenwood UK changed their HF antennas to 'XR's' to ensure reliability and remove the need for maintenance. If you don't want to be climbing the tower each year to fix stuff, the XR5C MkII is for you.

The Right Materials for the Job

The XR5C standing on it's own in terms of quality. built using the latest CNC technology, all components are at the top of their field too. Our insulators are UV protected and handle -170 to +240 degrees C, our hardware is Marine Grade Stainless Steel and our aluminium aerospace grade T6 6066/6082.


Customer comments:

''Hi Justin

Finally have got the antenna up.  Wow, results thus far are very impressive.  All bands tuning up perfectly without adjustments. Most bands below 1.3 and I'm talking across the entire band.  

Listened to a JA this morning on 20m Short Path  signals as follows

SP direct 5/8 

Off  the side I could just pick up his audio 2/1, 

Off the back 5/2.  

Anyway thanks again for a great antenna performs perfectly and looks fantastic.


Stuart Cumming


XR5C installed @ VK6MK

XR5C installed @ VK6MK


XR5C @ M0BJL '' SWR flat on all bands without needing adjustment de M0BJL"





Technical Specifications:

Power Rating: 10Kw+

Boom Length: 3.3 Metres

Weight: 28Kg

Turning Radius: 4.8 Metres

Wind Loading: 1.156 Square Metres

Wind Survival: 185KPH / 115MPH

Other options available if higher wind loading/survival is required.

Stacking Distance: 7 - 12m ( 11m recommended)

Average Gain per band @ 20m above average ground: 11.24dBi


Specifications - boom and elements

The boom is made from 50mm diameter square tube with a wall thickness of 2mm and thus is super-rigid. The largest diameter elements are the 20m elements with centre sections 35mm in diameter with 2mm wall.

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