3 element 28MHz LFA2 Yagi (3.1m)

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A Wideband Low Noise 28MHz LFA Yagi
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A 3 element 28.0-28.6MHz LFA2 (bent parasitic element)  Yagi -  Second Generation LFA Yagi !

The G0KSC LFA Yagi represents a major step forward in the development of the Yagi Antenna, it provides a low-noise front-end for your radio so you hear more weak signals while at the same time maximising all round performance.  Hard to beat with a direct 50 Ohm feedpoint and no matching losses and suppression of unwanted noise !! More information on the LFA Yagi can be found here.

This 3 element LFA is an excellent option if you do not have space, especially stacked !! 2 at just 7m spacing provides 16.01dBi (when placed 10m above ground)!!

NOTE: With all our HF antennas we can custom design your element taper and element size requirements in order to cater for all weather and installation requirements This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us for details.

 3el web 28

The 3el 28MHz LFA @ G1OVK


"Hi Justin,

The 28MHz 3 ele LFA is up and running and is yet another fantastic aerial, thanks.
The QRM from my own house is down by 2 S-points, and the horrible noise from the solar panels in the next street, now only affects me when I point straight at them, which is to be expected.

I am hearing three times as many of the 10m beacons than I've ever heard before and can now hear weak SSB signals which used to be covered by QRM.

Thanks again


Gain: 8.02dBi @ 28.3MHz

F/B: 23.35dB @ 28.3MHz

Peak Gain: 8.1dBi

Gain at 10m above Ground: 13.15dBi

Peak F/B: 24.83dB

Power Rating: 5kw+

SWR: Below 1.5:1 from 28.00MHz to 28.600MHz  (Can be adjusted for CW, SSB or mixture of both)

Stacking Distance: 5.5-7.2m ( 7m recommended)

2 Stacked Gain @ 5.5m spacing: 11.21dBi

2 Stacked F/B: 27.75dBi

2 Stacked Gain @ 5.5m Spacing 10m above ground: 16.01dBi

Boom Length: 3.1m

Weight: 5.57KG / 12.3LB

Turning Radius: 3.01m / 9.9ft

Wind Loading: 0.27 Square Metres / 2.86 Square feet

Wind Survival: 167KPH / 104MPH -

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