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YouKits FG-01 Antenna Analyser

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 The new FG-01 antenna analyser covers the complete HF spectrum from 1MHz - 60MHz. It is the first of its type to feature a colour display! It will present absolute values and also a graphic spectrum display. The bandwidth of the graphic display can be adjusted. The unit has an optional internal lithium cell and AC charger available.

It is powered by internal rechargeable lithium cells or can be powered from an external 10-12v source. The colour graphic display provides a clear indication of VSWR across the selected bandwidth. Bandwidths can be set from 100kHz to 50MHz in preprogrammed segments. The centre frequency can be adjusted in steps from 1kHz to 1MHz. Steps and scanning ranges are selected by briefly pressing the tuning knob. As well as the graphic display the panel also indicates absolute VSWR values together with battery voltage.

The FG-01 is designed to be a very portable way of quickly and accurately measuring VSWR and showing multi resonant points on antennas such as dipoles and beams. It makes antenna adjustment very easy. Once you have used an analyser with a graphic display, you will realise how much more information you can get on one screen and immediately see how adjustments on one band can affect another.

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PW Review - December 2011