Manufacturers of Innovative Yagi Antennas - home of the LFA Yagi by G0KSC

InnovAntennas use the very latest in electromagnetic computer design technology in conjunction with Particle Swarm Optimisation methods (considered to be the best in optimisation technology today) to produce some of the most innovative and high performance antenna solutions available today.

Exclusive designs from some of the world's top antenna designers have been turned into professionally built, mechanically excellent antennas with a focus upon being manufactured the right way not the most cost effective way. A number of variants of each model can be produced in order to cater for the real-world requirements of both the commercial and ham customer. Considerations for light-weight, high wind handling ability, portability and long-term durability mean that no-one mechanical design can deliver a best-of-breed for all scenarios. At InnovAntennas we appreciate this fact and aim to deliver the product you want rather than the product that is most profitable for us.

Our antennas are not designed to provide the best 'on-paper' gain figures, instead we design our antennas for the requirements of the band in question and for the specific purpose the antenna will be used. For example, on many HF bands, optimising an antenna for maximum gain is the way to go in most cases (but not all) provided a near 50 Ohm impedance can be maintained through its bandwidth. However, on most VHF and all UHF bands, optimising in such a way is detrimental to the receive performance of the antenna and therefore inappropriate for the antenna to be designed this way. This is assuming the antenna needs to receive as well as it does transmit. In many cases, never-achieved-before attributes such as Sky Temperature and G/T Figures are better with InnovAntennas Yagis (per metre of boom)*. If you want to be assured of the absolute best performance and antenna stability, along with design consideration for your intended use, InnovAntennas are your only option.


Make your next antenna decision a wise one !!

If it is quality and performance you seek then look no further. InnovAntennas provide unparalleled performance from design to build.


* When compared with traditional split or folded dipole fed Yagis on the VE7BQH list

Why InnovAntennas?

InnovAntennas use the very latest software design tools and optimisation methods (Particle Swarm Optimisation) in order to achieve the very highest possible performance characteristics. Other companies just don't publish polar plots and with good reason! We are proud at just how good our antennas look and perform and for this reason, azimuth, elevation and SWR plots for each and every antenna are published.

Above is a 3D plot of one of our 12 element VHF arrays. Typical of  the LFA, it has a better G/T figure than any other Yagi of the same boom length. What does this mean to you? No other antenna has the ability to hear weak signals like our antennas do. Being heard is one thing, being able to hear weak signals in this current day and age of electronics where noise is generated by most electrical devices is completely another.

Be it a bespoke commercial application or a radio ham wanting to bounce signals off of the moon, no other antenna will provide a better overall performance than the LFA Yagi, period. If it is the absolute best in todays antenna technology you are looking for, look no further than the LFA Yagi by InnovAntennas. If it does not provide better performance than anything else on the market, it will not be listed as one of our products!

Best Ever Designs

At InnovAntennas we are not using 'free' amateur software packages to design our antennas, we are using the very latest and most accurate Numerical Electromagnetic Calculation engines along the the most sophisticated optimisation methods known today (Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO)).

The above image shows a patch array that has been optimised within one of out PSO optimisers. With PSO and 64bit Electromagnetic Calculation engines, our optimisation capabilities are almost limitless!


Above is an image taken directly from our optimisation software. This is the predicted current distribution within a waveguide. Until now this kind of optimisation and prediction has not been possible and while it provides the ability to produce antennas with ground-breaking performance, not every one can afford the £10,000's of investment required to be on top of the game.

Be assured you have the very latest in antenna technology with InnovAntennas. Why have' yester-year' technology when you can have The Technology of Tomorrow, Today!