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InnovAntennas Product Reviews - designs by G0KSC

 InnovAntennas Antenna Reviews


Justin, G0KSC is co-owner and founder of InnovAntennas and co-owner of Force 12 based in Colorado USA. Justin has designed many antennas commerically as well as for ham use. Some are being used for defence purposes both sides of the pond where either InnovAntennas or Force 12 have been commssioned to design and build.

Some of the ham radio based reviews of these designs are listed below:


Magzine Reviews

InnovAntennas XR6 - 6 band HF & 6m compact Yagi - reviewed by QST magazine USA - HERE

InnovAntennas DESpole rotating dipole review (20/15/10) - reviewed by QST magazine USA - HERE

InnovAntennas DESpole rotating dipole review (20/15/10) - reviewed by RadCom magazine UK - HERE

InnovAntennas 5 element 21MHZ OP-DES Yagi review - reviewed by RadCom magazine UK - HERE

InnovAntennas 9 element 144MHz LFA Yagi review - reviewed by RadCom magazine UK - HERE

InnovAntennas 4 element 70MHz LFA-R 'reflectorless' Yagi - reviewed by Practical Wireless UK - HERE

InnovAntennas 4 element 70MHz LFA-R 'Reflectorless' Yagi - Reviewed by Funk Telegramm Germany - HERE

InnovAntennas 6 element 50MHz LFA Yagi review - reviewed by Amateur Radio Australia magazine - HERE


Video Reviews

InnovAntennas 3 element 144-148Mhz LFA-Q Yagi - reviewed by TX Factor - Amateur Radio TV Show - HERE testing a noew Force12 XR5 multi-Monoband HF Yagi - HERE

Ham Videos

SM3RAB switching between his sloping dipole (towards USA) and his 3el InnovAntennas 40m OP-DES on an 8.4m boom - HERE


Thanks goes to RadCom, QST, Practical Wireless, TX Factor and Amateur Radio magazine (Australia) for permission to provide these articles here. All respective copyrights observed.

Why Innovantennas?

InnovAntennas are a very different antenna company in many ways. With a focus on Yagi-style arrays and production of designs between HF, VHF and lower UHF only, sufficient research and development time can be applied where it is needed to ensure the very best in all important performance attributes are met and thus enabling the production of unparalleled antennas.

As you read through and study our range of antennas, you will be introduced to parameters and performance experience figures perhaps not seen from a single 'package' before and this is with good reason. 'Imagination is more important than knowledge' were the words of Albert Einstein and he was right. It is not just the leading-edge software development tools which allow us to excel in our design goals, it our creative ability which ensures continuous over-achievement  and an aim to keep pushing the boundaries set by antennas of the past. So, what else sets InnovAntennas apart from our peers?


  • Particle Swarm Optimisation
    • Sophisticated Computer Optimisation tools ensure the highest levels of performance are achieved.
  • Multiple Electromagnetic Simulation Tools
    • The very latest electromagnetic simulation tools are used to confirm our antennas totalling £10,000s/$10,000s.
  • Thousands of Computer Hours Developing
    • Many multi-processor computer servers are running PSO optimisers 24/7/365 in order to achieve the best possible results for our antennas.
  • Best-in-Class Performance
    • When looking at all performance attributes within a single package, we believe InnovAntennas are second to none.
  • Highest Levels of Build Quality
    • Mass production can often mean 'acceptable' build quality and tolerances. Not at InnovAntennas, we will always be best!
  • Bespoke Development to Suit Your Requirements
    • Commercial applications require targeted, focused performance and we will always invest the time required to provide your ultimate solution.
  • Mechanical Construction and Component Choices through Simulation Results
    • Not many antenna companies boast simulation tools that can test external elements. For this reason you will not see end caps on our elements, Polyamide insulators, Gama or Hairpin matches and more. Rest assured we know our field!
  • Computer Optimised Mechanical Design
    • It is not just the electromagnetic design of our antennas which is handled by computer. Our abilities extend to the computer modelling of the mechanical structure of our antennas too ensuring long-term performance in any conditions.
  • Quiet Antennas from Software Concept to Mechanical Design
    • From the super-suppressed patterns of our antennas through to the closed loop feed systems and the 1/4 stub connection from feed-point to boom (which eliminates stray Eddy currents from the boom) Our antennas are designed to eliminate all aspects of potential loss or performance degradation.

Manufacturers of Innovative Yagi Antennas - home of the LFA Yagi by G0KSC

InnovAntennas use the very latest in electromagnetic computer design technology in conjunction with Particle Swarm Optimisation methods (considered to be the best in optimisation technology today) to produce some of the most innovative and high performance antenna solutions available today.

Exclusive designs from some of the world's top antenna designers have been turned into professionally built, mechanically excellent antennas with a focus upon being manufactured the right way not the most cost effective way. A number of variants of each model can be produced in order to cater for the real-world requirements of both the commercial and ham customer. Considerations for light-weight, high wind handling ability, portability and long-term durability mean that no-one mechanical design can deliver a best-of-breed for all scenarios. At InnovAntennas we appreciate this fact and aim to deliver the product you want rather than the product that is most profitable for us.

Our antennas are not designed to provide the best 'on-paper' gain figures, instead we design our antennas for the requirements of the band in question and for the specific purpose the antenna will be used. For example, on many HF bands, optimising an antenna for maximum gain is the way to go in most cases (but not all) provided a near 50 Ohm impedance can be maintained through its bandwidth. However, on most VHF and all UHF bands, optimising in such a way is detrimental to the receive performance of the antenna and therefore inappropriate for the antenna to be designed this way. This is assuming the antenna needs to receive as well as it does transmit. In many cases, never-achieved-before attributes such as Sky Temperature and G/T Figures are better with InnovAntennas Yagis (per metre of boom)*. If you want to be assured of the absolute best performance and antenna stability, along with design consideration for your intended use, InnovAntennas are your only option.


Make your next antenna decision a wise one !!

If it is quality and performance you seek then look no further. InnovAntennas provide unparalleled performance from design to build.


* When compared with traditional split or folded dipole fed Yagis on the VE7BQH list